Why does the biomass pellet fuel belong to low carbon energy?

Combustion of biomass pellet fuel is given priority with volatile flux; the fixed carbon content is only about 15%, so it is typical a low carbon fuel.

How to realize the sulphur dioxide emission in biomass pellet fuel?

Biomass pellet fuel sulphur content is lower than diesel i.e. less than 0.05%, so there is no need to set the desulfurization device , it can realize the sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions.

How to realize the nitrogen oxides emission is biomass pellet fuel?

Biomass pellet fuel has low nitrogen content and high oxygen content, burning can effectively reduce the demand for air, and less nitrogen oxide is generated.

How the biomass pellet fuel recycles?

The ashes of the furnace after biomass pellet fuel combustion can be used as organic fertilizer; promote plant growth, entering a new cycle, the steady supply of biological resources recycling.