Operation Principle

Biomass wood pellets are automatically feeded into the burning chamber and generates high-temperature gas. In this process, it produces intermediate products like H2, CH4, CnHm, Co and other combustible components, the complete combustion is done in the high temperature chamber with sufficient oxygen, then releases heat energy.

Applicable fuel: 6-10mm pellet fuel
Output power: 0.2-6.0 million kcal
Feeding system: Automatic/ Manual
Ignition system: Automatic/ Manual
Damper adjustment: PLC
Start-stop system: Auto/ Smart
Cylinder combustion chamber cooling mode: Air
Combustion chamber temperature: <1700 °C
Spray temperature ><1100 °C
Flame length <2500mm
Burner tube material: 310S/ 316 Stainless Steel

In the transformation, no need to change the entire existing energy systems, directly replace the original burner or combustion system that can achieve the desired effect.

Widely used in steam boilers, hot water boilers, coating, die-casting, industrial furnaces, drying, heat treatment and etc.

Economy due to Pellet Usage:
Particular. Pellet(kg) LPG(kg) PNG(m3) Diesel(ltr)
Calorific value (kcal) 4200 12000 9000 9100
Rate (Rs) 15.00 71.00 57.00 61.00*
Pellet consumption against fuel 1.0 2.9 2.1 2.2
Cost of pellet (Rs) 43.50 31.50 33.00
Saving (Rs) 41.50 25.50 28.00
Saving (%) 50% 45% 46%

1. Good insulation properties

The chamber is the key part of the burner, it always suffer a high temperature of about 1000 °C. We use imported special high temperature material (can stand 1,800-degree heat). And adopt advanced production technology, its multi-protection, not only to ensure the quality of the burner, but also improve its heat efficiency. The heat efficiency is up to 92% while burner surface temperature close to room temperature.

2. Quick fire up, high efficiency

The device uses a streamlined design of the fire, the burner fire out without resistance, higher combustion efficiency. And unique direct-fired semi-gasification combustion with swirl secondary air supply to make 2nd combustion, greatly improving its thermal efficiency.

3. PLC control and VFD control of feeder and blower

Feeding speed and air supply controlled by VFD. Simply input the required temperature, then feeding and blower ratio will be set automatically.

4. High-quality accessories (stable & durable)

Feeding motor and blower are provided by well-known brand suppliers.

5. Stable performance of control system

Schneider (France), Mitsubishi Japan RKC, and a well-known brands for stable performance and less trouble.

6. Unique feeding system design, no get stuck, no fire back

Flexible power transmission, smoothly conveying, easy maintenance and prevents back fire.

7. Automatic alarm system

Automatic alarm is actuated when there is lack of fuel or improper operation is done.

8. Three times oxygen supply

This machine adopts 3 times oxygen supply so that more complete combustion, less ash and more friendly & energy saving.

Technical Data:
Item Eco-20-P Eco-30-P Eco-45-P Eco-60-P Eco-80-P Eco-100-P Eco-120-P Eco-180-P Eco-240-P Eco-360-P
Output Power 200000kcal 300000kcal 450000kcal 600000kcal 800000Kcal 1000000kcal 1200000kcal 1800000kcal 2400000kcal 3600000kcal
Fuel Wood Pellets Wood Pellets
Fuel Size 6-10mm 8-12mm
Consumption 55kg 82kg 123kg 165kg 218kg 273kg 330kg 492kg 660kg 1000kg