Product Details

Biomass Hot Air Generator is based on biomass as fuel and air as the medium, which is a new and efficient heat transfer equipment. It can provide continuous temperature, constant pressure and dust-free clean hot air.

Product Features

The equipment is simple, automatic feed, automatic temperature control, high security, easy maintenance, therefore operating cost is significantly reduced compared to coal or oil equipment.

  • Boiler insulation to reduce the overall heat loss, and also improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
  • The overall structure of a boiler is compact in size and noiseless,  no need to set up the tall chimney, easy installation, very low failure rate.
  • Only a small amount of powdered ash residue is left after the complete combustion of fuel, easy to handle.
  • Is widely used in textile dyeing, rubber-coated heat setting; Indian iron paint drying room, the metal surface rust and paint drying after treatment drying, drying the paper industry, grain feed, grain, fish meal, tea, tobacco, etc. drying; plywood, gypsum board forming dry, wood drying, chemical materials, plant and animal oils and industrial spray drying plant heating and so on.

Technical Data for Hot Air Generator:

Item No. Eco-20-H Eco-30-H Eco-45-H Eco-60-H Eco-80-H
Rated Heat                        Kcal        20X104     30X104      45X104      60X104     80X104
Efficiency                          % 90%
Inlet                                 mm  200X250 250X300  300X350 350X400 550X600
Outlet                               mm  245 300  350 400  550
Flue Terminal                   mm 180 180 220 220 270
Power Consumption          KW 8 15 20 25 40
L                   mm 2000 2100 2250 2400  3800
Size            W                   mm 800  860 960 1060 1860
H                   mm 2000 2100 2200  2350 2300
Gross Weight                    kg 1350 1570  2200 3600 3200
Fuel Consumption              k           55        83        125       167        222