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Eco Fire Pellets

Eco Bio fuel produces Industrial and Premium grade pellet from wood processing plant or urban waste wood as raw materials, such as wood shavings, sawdust, waste wood of furniture factory.

Hot Air Burner

Pellet Burner

Eco Fire wood pellets are automatically feeded into the burning chamber and burning produces high-temperature gas. In this process, it produces intermediate products like H2, CH4, CnHm, Co and other combustible components.

Hot Air Generator

Hot Air Generator

Biomass hot blast stove is a new and efficient heat transfer equipment. In this, biomass is used as fuel and air as the medium. It can provide continuous temperature, constant pressure and dust-free clean hot air.

Reduce your fuel cost by 50% and increase your profitability by 50%

"Eco Fire Pellets reduces Air Pollution, increases profit margins and your productivity."

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About Eco BioFuel

As a manufacturer of premium wood pellet fuel, we believe wholeheartedly in helping people to enjoy affordable, convenient and sustainable heating experiences. We are dedicated to inspiring people to love the experience of sustainable wood pellet heat.

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What Client Says

"I am glad to get the eco fire pellets as it is easy to use and no mess! of adding those ugly piles of chopped wood."

"We have been impressed with the quality of service and support, we have received from you, from the moment we placed the large order of eco fire pellets."